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ABOUT Fiat 500

Fiat 500 exterior interior


The front combines the family feeling of the most recent Fiat models, with the distinctive elements of the first 500. For instance, you'll notice features like the round upper headlights above and main beam lights below, as well as the familiar whiskers and logo.

On the side, the mid-line slopes slightly at the front giving the car an impression of sturdiness.

While the rear features a distinctive chrome handle reminiscent of the number plate light holder found on the original model, and similar in shape to that of a bicycle saddle.

To complete the look, there's a choice of 12 body colours available - pastel, metallic and a pearl finish - all perfectly matching the wide range of interior fabrics and leathers.And not forgetting the various options for customisation: from stickers to alloy wheels, badges to style details, elegance and comfort.


On the inside, the 500 offers a welcoming, protective environment for both the driver and passengers. This is largely due to the large ring bordering the entire inner space, the great attention to detail, quality materials used, and instruments that aren't just beautiful to look at, but are also easy to use.

Chrome elements, two-tone seats, and a dashboard that perfectly matches the body colour combine with handy storage compartments and small details, like a fragrance dispenser, to create an environment that is both elegant and functional. And one that can comfortably accommodate four people.

Discover the 500 through its images and smart solutions, designed to make life easier.